What Color Shoes Go With A Burgundy Dress?

A burgundy dress emanates sophistication and elegance, making it a popular option for a variety of events and occasions. However, when it comes to choosing the ideal pair of shoes to complement this rich and alluring color, many are uncertain of the best color options. So, what color shoes go with a burgundy dress?

Choosing the proper shoes to compliment a burgundy dress can significantly improve your overall appearance, enhancing its allure and helping you stand out in style. 

In this article, we will discuss fabulous shoe color options and helpful strategies to help you create a stunning and harmonious ensemble that complements your burgundy dress for any occasion.

What Color Shoes Go With A Burgundy Dress?

When combining shoes with a burgundy dress, a variety of hues can complement and accentuate the dress’s rich and elegant hue. Here are some suggested shoe colors that compliment a burgundy dress:

1. Neutral Shades: Classic Elegance

Neutral tones, such as ivory, beige, and blush, are immutable and classic choices that complement a burgundy dress with ease. These gentle and subdued hues enable the bold burgundy hue to be the focal point while maintaining a harmonious balance. 

Whether you choose nude heels, beige sandals, or blush flats, these shoes enhance the elegance of your ensemble, making them ideal for formal events and sophisticated gatherings.

2. Metallics: A Touch of Glamour

Those seeking a dash of glitz should opt for metallic shoes in gold or silver. The contrast between the metallic embellishments and the deep, luxurious burgundy creates an eye-catching combination. 

Metallic shoes enhance your appearance, making them ideal for evening occasions, gatherings, and special occasions.

3. Black: Timeless and Versatile

Black shoes, a staple in any shoe collection, are a classic and versatile option that match well with a burgundy dress. The sophistication added by black heels, sandals, or booties allows the burgundy dress to stand out. 

This classic pairing is appropriate for almost any occasion, from informal to formal gatherings.

4. Deep Jewel Tones: Vibrant Elegance

Consider pairing your burgundy dress with shoes in deep jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, or amethyst purple for a daring and vibrant appearance. These opulent hues add dimension and sophistication to your ensemble, creating a striking and opulent combination. 

Jewel-toned shoes are a great way to add a splash of color to your ensemble, making them ideal for festive occasions and elegant events.

5. Burgundy or Wine: Monochromatic Chic

Choose wine- or burgundy-hued footwear for a polished and sophisticated appearance. Adopting a monochromatic style enables you to create a uniform and unified ensemble, emphasizing the beauty of the burgundy dress from head to toe. 

Whether you choose burgundy pumps or wine-colored flats, this coordinated look emanates sophistication and elegance.

6. Animal Print: A Bold Statement

Consider making a striking statement with animal print shoes, such as leopard or snakeskin, if you are fashion-forward. Animal print can add a touch of ferocity and fashion-forwardness to your burgundy dress attire if used tastefully. 

The combination of your dress with leopard print pumps or snakeskin sandals creates a fun and fashionable ensemble, ideal for parties or evenings out with friends.

7. Metallic Rose Gold: Romantic Charm

Consider metallic rose gold shoes if you wish to imbue your ensemble with a sense of romance and allure. The delicate and feminine hue of rose gold creates a romantic and enchanting combination with the warm undertones of a burgundy dress. 

Whether you choose rose gold heels or sandals, this delicate hue adds a touch of luxury to your ensemble, making it suitable for weddings, date evenings, and other formal occasions.

8. Taupe or Greige: Modern and Understated

Taupe or greige shoes are a modern and understated option that match well with burgundy dresses. These neutral tones have a fresh and subdued appearance, making them appropriate for a variety of events, from office celebrations to weekend gatherings. 

Whether you choose taupe booties or greige pumps, these shoes lend a sophisticated touch to your ensemble.

Bottom Line

When it comes to matching shoes with a burgundy dress, a variety of hues are available. From classic neutrals to audacious and daring hues, each can add its own unique flair to your ensemble. 

The key is to strike a balance between style and harmony, allowing your shoes to accentuate the beauty of the burgundy dress. So, whether you choose classic black, glamorous metallics, or even contrasting hues, let your personal taste and the occasion guide your decision, and you will confidently and elegantly venture out into the world, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

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