How to Make a Boutonniere with Fake Flowers

We will learn how to make a beautiful boutonniere out of fake flowers in this do-it-yourself guide. With their small size and big effect, boutonnieres are pretty accessories that can make any event more elegant. Making your boutonniere out of fake flowers will save you money and give you something to remember for a long time. Let’s get artistic! In a few easy steps, you’ll have a stunning boutonniere.

Materials You’ll Need

To get started, gather the following materials:

Materials for Your DIY Boutonniere

  • Artificial flowers of your choice
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small ribbon or twine
  • Scissors
  • Boutonniere pins
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1: Selecting Your Artificial Flowers

Choosing the Right Flowers

Pick the fake flowers that go with the style and color plan of your event. Best results are achieved with high-quality silk or cloth flowers that look amazingly real. Make sure you choose flowers that are often used in boutonnieres, like orchids, roses, or carnations.

Step 2: Preparing Your Flowers

Prepping the Flowers

  1. Cut the stems of your fake flowers to the length you want, which is usually between 3 and 4 inches.
  2. Take off any stem leaves that aren’t needed or are too much, leaving only a few leaves near the flower.

Step 3: Creating the Boutonniere Base

Crafting the Foundation

  1. Now that two or three flower stems are ready, bundle them together.
  2. Wrap flower tape tightly around the base of the stems to keep them in place.
  3. This will help your boutonniere stand up straight.

Step 4: Adding Accent Flowers

Adding a Pop of Color

  1. Choose smaller artificial flowers or decorative elements to complement your boutonniere’s focal flower.
  2. Attach these accents by wrapping their stems with floral wire and securing them to the base.

Step 5: Adding Ribbon or Twine

Adding a Personal Touch

  1. Wrap a small ribbon or twine around the boutonniere stem to give it a polished look.
  2. Secure the ribbon with a dab of glue from the glue gun.

Step 6: Securing with Boutonniere Pin

The Final Touch

Attach your bouquet with a pin. You can attach it to your collar by sliding it through the ribbon or strings on the back of your boutonniere.


Making a boutonniere out of fake flowers is a fun and inexpensive way to make any event more personal. With a little imagination and the right supplies, you can make a lovely flower that goes with your style and the theme of the event. You’ll get praises after you try it!

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